Improving the performance of rutile electrodes
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iron powder


The aim of the development is to increase the productivity and welding and technological properties of rutile electrodes through the use of iron powder as a cheap and effective filler in fusion welding.
A methodology for calculating performance indicators has been developed, it allows determining the coefficients of surfacing, melting and other parameters of electrodes with iron powder in the coating, depending on the content of iron powder in the coating and the welding mode.
The mechanism of the process of formation of gas cavities during multilayer surfacing with high-performance electrodes with iron powder is investigated. It was shown that the process occurs mainly at the stage of the bath and the main reason for their formation is hydrogen.
The introduction of ferrosilicon in the coating composition significantly increases the productivity of surfacing, but it significantly increases the tendency to form pores. The introduction of 5% hematite allowed to remove the problem of pore formation.
Chemical analysis of the composition and testing of the mechanical properties of the deposited metal show that when using iron powder, the electrodes are at the level of requirements for type E46 according to GOST 9467. The formation of pores and hot cracks is excluded.
Developed rutile electrodes with iron powder based on mineral raw materials of Ukraine, which have improved welding and technological properties and a deposit coefficient of 16-18 g / Ah.
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