Influence of the drum rigidity on the dynamic strain of the rope
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lifting mechanism
dynamic strain
rope drum


The article considers factors which influence the dynamic strain while operating the mechanism lifting the crane.
Topicality of the paper lies in the fact that is provides for the development of new methods of calculating the strain deformed state of the rope which twists on the crane drum. The strain deformed state is defined with calculations and experimental methods in the form of strain distribution, deformation and transference in a construction and serves a basis for evaluating static and dynamic durability and resources of constructions at all stages of its life cycle.
In the work process, the rigidity of the rope is transmitted to all wires and even locks in different ways, during which time the strain state of the rope increases by several times.
Evaluation of the tension of the rope at its bend on the bloc or drum is very important because it defines the strain state and longevity of not only the rope but also the blocs and drum.
Apart from the static strain, it is also necessary to define dynamic factors which arise loading while operating the lifting mechanism. For elaboration of the method of calculating efforts which arise while lifting the rope and, accordingly, in the wall of drum, it is necessary to analyze all factors which influence static and dynamic strain.
The issues of the influence of a rope drum on the level of dynamic strain which arises in the rope loading while operating the mechanism have not been thoroughly researched yet; therefore, the obtained facts covered in the article are interesting and topical.

pdf (Українська)