Experimental investigations of dynamic loads in the process of operating the crane running wheel with an elastic insert
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running wheel
dynamic loads
movement mechanism
elastic insert
load truck
experimental studies


The article considers an experimental investigation of dynamic loads which occur while moving the travelling crane truck. Crane wheels are the elements which are mostly prone to wear off. Decrease in their durability leads to the increase of expenditures on maintenance and downtime. Therefore, the increase in durability of crane wheels is a topical issue of contemporary cranebuilding. All running wheels constructions are rigid enough to resist shocks and distortions caused by deviations of the rail track from the recommended values and lead to significant wear and tear of the flanges and rails.
For comparison, we chose solid two-ribbed running wheels with a cylindrical rim, which are used on almost all travelling cranes and wheels of the new design, consisting of three layers and having an elastic insert, which is made of special rubber.
To check the theoretical data obtained earlier, an experiment was carried out on an overhead travelling crane with a capacity of 5 tons, span of 22.5 m, lifting height of 8 m, and operating mode 7 K. The study of the vibration state was carried out on a beam in the middle of the span, on the axle of the driven wheel of the crane truck and on the axle of the drive wheel of the crane of conventional design.
The analysis of the received results showed that when using a running wheel with an elastic insert the dynamic factors when moving a load truck decrease. The analysis of the regularities of vibration signs formation in different points of the travelling crane construction was conducted. The proposed design and calculation procedure of the running wheel with an elastic insert allows increasing its operational reliability.

pdf (Українська)