The technology for the disposal of unusable ammunition by induction-thermal method
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ammunition disassembly
induction heating


Currently in Ukraine there is a need for the disposal of conventional types of ammunition unsuitable for further use and storage. To this end, it is planned to create safe and environmentally friendly technologies and equipment for the disassembly of artillery types of ammunition, both in places of their storage (bases and arsenals), and at specialized enterprises. This involves the creation of compact and mobile equipment with low instantaneous power consumption.
The main step in disassembling unsuitable artillery ammunition is the extraction of explosives from the shells. This is a very laborious, explosive and environmentally hazardous phase.
Currently used technologies for extracting explosives from artillery shells are based either on leaching or smelting using hot water or steam. These technologies can be applied only at specialized enterprises, as they are implemented using complex water treatment and steam generation systems.
The creation of mobile equipment should be based on technologies that use electric energy as the main energy source. It is more efficient to melt explosives by heating part of the projectile by induction, with which you can perform local and pulsed thermal effects on the object. The use of electricity is also a prerequisite for ensuring the environmental cleanliness of processes.
Thus, there is a need to solve the problem, which can be formulated as the creation and improvement of technology and equipment for extracting explosives from artillery shells in places of their storage and at specialized enterprises.

pdf (Українська)