Experimental research on durable strength of concrete under the impulse load
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impulse punching
concrete specimens


The work is devoted to experimental studies on the long-term strength of concrete which is subject to the action of shock impulse loads. For technological equipment of machine shops there is a need to create concrete foundations that minimize its dynamic impact on the industrial building, as well as the structures located nearby. The foundations are subjected to impulse loads. The nature of the destruction of concrete foundations for impact impulse metalworking equipment (stamping, blast welding, electro-hydraulic punching, pneumatic punching, etc.) has not been properly investigated. For experimental research, the design of the gas-detonation plant GDU-1 is proposed. The working medium is liquid. Energy is reported from the pressure of the combustible gas / oxygen mixture. The character of the destruction of concrete unreinforced and reinforced specimens as well as specimens with canned ends was investigated. According to the results of practical experiments, it is recommended that concrete with periodic reinforcement be used in structures subject to multiple impulse loads. The article recommends measures to improve the durability of concrete, which include partial preservation of the cylindrical surface of the upper end by sheet metal; the use of block structures, not of monolithic structures. The implementation of the proposed solutions will allow the installation of this equipment in the shop premises, along with other forging and press equipment.

pdf (Українська)