Standardization of digital printing technological processes
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digital printing
quality management system
printing industry


In digital printing, there are problems of technical regulation of product quality, since there
is a barrier in the form of incomparable color reproduction systems on different equipment. Without
adhering to certain lighting conditions, calibrating various types of devices, profiling, color standardization, printing process and dozens of other factors that affect the final color of a product, it is
often impossible to achieve the color standard that the customer has set.
Research is needed on technologies, processes and printing workflows and in particular digital printing. This is to determine if print specifications and quality controls (including color management) can be applied to digital printing and, if possible, in which segment. Since color is so important in printing, especially in packaging and marketing, the evolution of printing requires color
matching across technologies, materials, materials and dyes.
The issue of applying existing standards in digital printing is becoming topical. While digital
printing brings structural changes to the manufacturing workflow and processes, it lacks printing
standardization, compared to, for example, offset printing, where agreed target values and guidelines are applied through ISO 12647-2.
The purpose of this work is to review current trends in the standardization of digital printing
methods and develop recommendations for managing the quality of proof printing.
To determine the significance of factors affecting the quality of digital printing, the rank correlation method was used with the calculation of the concordance coefficient.
As a result of the work carried out, it can be stated that the basic concept of ISO 12647-2 is
fully suitable for offset printing. However, it is difficult to apply for digital printing. The demand
for a digital printing standard, along with process control and quality assurance methods, is clear.

pdf (Українська)