Improving the performance of electrodes with the main type of coating.
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iron powder
deposition rate


The purpose of the development is to increase the productivity and welding-technological
properties of electrodes with a basic coating by using iron powder as a cheap and effective filler in
fusion welding.
A method for calculating performance indicators has been developed, which makes it possible to determine the coefficients of surfacing, melting and other parameters of electrodes with iron
powder in the coating, depending on the content of iron powder in the coating and the welding
It has been found that the productivity of electrode melting largely depends on the ratio of
the main components in the coating. It was determined that the presence of the same components in
the coatings, but taken in different ratios, does not determine the same welding and technological
properties of the electrodes.
In the presence of more than 50% of iron powder in the coating, its thermophysical properties change sharply, and therefore, differently than in the two cases considered above, the melting
characteristics of the electrodes change.
The maximum values of the deposition and melting coefficients were obtained at 80% of
iron powder in the coating of about 15 g / Ah.
Electrodes with a basic coating and iron powder on the basis of mineral raw materials of
Ukraine have been developed, which have increased welding and technological properties and a
deposition rate of up to 15 g / Ah.

pdf (Українська)