Analytical determination of stresses in the adhesive layer of joining elements of the USPSh guide system
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guide column
adhesive connection
stamping force
universally folded adjustable stamp


The aim of the research was to create reliable methods of analytical calculation of stresses in
the adhesive layer of the connection of the guide column – sleeve (holder) in the design of the universal assembly reconfiguration stamping equipment. It is established that the thickness of the adhesive layer can be from a few tenths of a millimeter to 0.5-1.2 mm, while the epoxy adhesive has a
modulus of elasticity 100 times less than the modulus of elasticity of the materials of the clamp or
guide column. Using Hooke's law, we assume that the hardened adhesive material is homogeneous,
isotropic, and physically linear. Given that we have a symmetrical load and uniformity in the adhesive surface, we obtained stresses at some point on the surface, which is expressed by a system of
equations. Thus, the formulae obtained allow determining the maximum value of the movement of
the USPSh guide column under the action of horizontal force, as well as calculating the strength of
the adhesive surface in any angled point of the surface. It is established that if the condition σ ≤ [σ]
is fulfilled for the hardened adhesive material, then the strength of the adhesive layer is provided.
Otherwise, it is necessary to either replace the horizontal component of the stamping force or increase the diameter of the guide column and the height of the adhesive joint.

pdf (Українська)