"Review of the status of the issue of ensuring the positioning and control of the load of the self-propelled jib crane"
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jib crane
cargo swing
feedback system
oscillation control


The article is aimed at finding the most effective method to reduce the swaying of a boom
mobile crane under different modes of operation. For this purpose, a review of modern published
literature of foreign and Ukrainian publications and patent studies has been performed.
The classification of methods of reducing the swaying of the cargo on the flexible
suspension during the work of hoisting cranes has been reviewed. The results of research are aimed
at an effective solution to the problem of cargo swaying, which depends on external and internal
influences such as wind gusts, speed and acceleration of mechanisms, etc. It is noted that special
attention is paid to control with feedback, which can reduce the oscillation of the payload. Attention
is also drawn to the problem of horizontal oscillations, which can be solved by means of using the
control law based on a linearized model. The mathematical model of the jib crane, taking into
account all degrees of freedom, as well as a nonlinear control law that uses each state of the model
to control the crane toward the desired benchmark is considered. The extinguishing of spherical
oscillations, which occurs due to compensating movements of the boom, has been also considered.
The invention of the gyroscopic effect is covered. The way of controlling with the help of crane
mechanism drives has been reviewed. The operation of the controller in which feedback control is
combined with the formation of input signals has been analyzed. A block diagram of the general
control system of this controller has been also presented. The optimal direction of controlling the
swing of the cargo on the boom of the crane has been chosen.
In the conclusions, it was found that most of the examined studies focus mainly on the
problem of swaying and positioning control on overhead cranes. Boom mobile cranes are the least
studied objects in this direction.

pdf (Українська)