«Improving the efficiency of milling through the use of dynamic performance monitoring systems»
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high speed machining
machining center
vibration control


One of the ways to increase the efficiency of machining is the use of monitoring systems for
dynamic parameters. Measurement and analysis of dynamic parameters in the process of machining
parts has until now been, for technical and economic reasons, a difficult task that can be solved for
individual special cases of application. The significant growth in the development of microprocessor technology and software in recent years has made it possible to ensure the
development of systems for monitoring dynamic parameters and adaptive control aimed at
optimizing technological processes of high-performance processing and modernizing metalworking
Milling is associated with cyclic loads in the machining system of the machine, which have
increased many times over in recent years. An increase in the angular speed of rotation of the
spindle of machining centers to 20-30 thousand rpm, an increase in feed per tooth and depth of
milling significantly increases the dynamic component of cutting forces. Measurement and analysis
of vibration processes in the machine during processing allows studying the dynamic phenomena
that arise in the processing system, and continuous monitoring of the cutting force and its periodic
component (i.e. vibration) will close the processing system with a feedback channel for the purpose
of subsequent control of processing modes, minimizing accompanying vibrations and vibrations.

pdf (Українська)