«Implementation of the requirements of international standards of measurement uncertainty in the metrological activities of enterprises»
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measurement uncertainty
measurement technique
metrological characteristics
measuring equipment


International documents, which contain provisions for determining the reliability of
measurement/test results, pay great attention to measurement uncertainty. However, to date, only
the concept of uncertainty assessment has been developed, the principles and methodology for
assessing uncertainty have not reached the proper level of possibility of implementation in practice.
The acceptance of uncertainty as an assessment of the quality of the obtained measurement result
and the declaration of the possibility of assessing the reliability of this result requires criteria for
assessing the quality of the uncertainty itself.
To ensure the possibility of using measurement uncertainty, it is necessary to develop a
methodology that will provide practical methods and techniques for its assessment for specific
metrological works. The existing methodology is currently presented at the recommendation level
only. Therefore, at the present stage of implementation of the concept of measurement uncertainty
in practical metrology, an important task is to improve the methodology in terms of its regulation in
the corresponding standard methods.
The aim of the work is to explain the requirements of international standards for
measurement uncertainty for use in metrological activities at industrial enterprises.
The analysis of the concept of measurement uncertainty as a scientific theory was carried
out and the ambiguity of its implementation for applied metrology is shown, using it in various
laboratories. It is demonstrated that in order to implement the concept of assessing the measurement
uncertainty, it is necessary to eliminate the existing shortcomings, develop methods and train
personnel in the correctness of their use. It is proposed to establish selection criteria or establish the
maximum permissible uncertainty for the results of specific measurements, which, in turn, leads to
the development of criteria for the correctness of its installation.

pdf (Українська)