Thermodynamic characteristics when assembling the wheel pair of locomotives with thermal action.


In mechanical engineering, a number of inefficient technological processes are used associated with the assembly of motionless joints with guaranteed tension. When assembling pressing
method, damage to the contacting surfaces occurs. In this case, the tension is reduced due to collapsing and erasing the contact surfaces during pressing.
The assembling with heating of the female part occurs without damage to the contact surfaces and the actual tension corresponds to the calculated one.
In the course of the research, the optimal values of temperature and heating time were determined for the parts of the wheel pair of locomotives, at which the size of the assembly clearance,
sufficient for free assembly, was provided. Taking into account the specifics of the range of covering parts for wheel pair, the main technical requirements for industrial induction heating systems for
heating these parts were formulated.
On the basis of these requirements, induction heating installations were designed, manufactured and introduced into for the implementation of warming for assembling elements of the wheel
pair of locomotives. This made it possible to increase the reliability and durability of the joints by
2.5 times, to increase labor productivity, to improve the production culture, to reduce the occupancy
of the workshop areas. The economic effect for only one locomotive repair plant amounted to 3.9
million UAN.

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