No 22 (2018): Engineering



I. Mаlісkіy, І Smіrnоv
Thermodynamic characteristics when assembling the wheel pair of locomotives with thermal action.
pdf (Русский)
E. Deryabkina, V. Oger
«Selection of method and development of technology of restoration of details of autotractor technology
pdf (Русский)
E. Izotova, A. Tischenko
Development of flux for gas welding of aluminum
pdf (Українська)
S. Kovalevsky, G. Zalyshna
Ways to improve the reliability and speed of operation of the locking devices of pneumatic conveying installations for proper environmental protection
pdf (Українська)
A. Hordeev, I. Lappo
Research of the influence of controlled parameters in the cutting zone on the accuracy of the hole profile when treatment with an axial tool
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A. Gordeev
Standardization of technological processes in polygraphy
pdf (Українська)
N. Kalin
Development of electrodes for copper welding
pdf (Українська)
V Agarkov, S Yasko, E Frolov, E Deryabkina
To the problem of computer-aided design of a retoolable tooling for sheet punching and pressing
PDF (Українська)
N. Lamnauer
The principle of building a unified control card for the dimensional accuracy of engineering products
pdf (Українська)
V. Polyansky
Effective application of modern technologies of mechanical processin
pdf (Русский)
R. Strelchuk
The study of the removal of the diamond layer of a circle under the influence of single electrical discharges
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V Kniazieva, G Kanyuk, A Mezerya, A Andreev
Reduction of the error of measuring the oil consumption in the main oil pipelines, caused by pulsations by an unsteady of the flow
PDF (Русский)
V Loveykin, K Pochka, Yu Romasevich, O Pochka
Influence of a corner of shift of cranks on dynamics of roller forming installation taking into account dissipative properties of the recuperation driving mechanism
PDF (Українська)
F Novikov, S Ditinenko
Improving the efficiency of diamond spark grinding
PDF (Русский)
N Reznichenko, K Dereza
Analysis of the work of the monorail in the stressed state, reinforced by the welding strip
PDF (Русский)
A Skorkin, O Kondratyuk, O Starchenko, A Protopopova
Investigation of the processing complex shaped surfaces on the basis of non-linear motion of the forming
PDF (Українська)
Influence of way mount under crane rail on her strain state
PDF (Українська)
Definition of maximum angle deflexion of rope which raid on the block
PDF (Українська)
Method of calculating the absorbed dose of a movable irradiated object by accelerated electrons
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