Development of flux for gas welding of aluminum


The aim of the development is to create a flux for aluminum gas welding, providing an
improvement in the quality and ductility of the weld metal and the stable wetting of the surface of
the filler rod and weld pool by the molten flux by changing its gas-slag system.
To optimize the gas-slag flux system in its composition containing potassium fluoride,
lithium chloride, aluminum fluoride, additionally introduce yttrium fluoride 0,5-5%. The essential
difference in the composition of the flux lies in the uncertainty of the use in it of yttrium fluoride as
a deoxidizer and flux filler.
Fluxes were made by mechanically mixing fluoride powders and chlorides in a ball mill for
0,5-1 hour until a uniform color was obtained. Inspection of welding-technological properties of the
investigated flux compositions was carried out with gas (acetylene-oxygen) welding of aluminum
plates of A5 grade with a thickness of 5 mm.
As a result of investigations of welded seams, it is established that the wettability of the
weld pool by liquid metal is good. Slags are fusible and do not bother to conduct the welding
process of large volume cuts. There are no defects in welds.
The introduction of the proposed flux composition for gas welding of aluminum will
improve the productivity of welders and the quality of manufacturing of welding products by
improving the quality and plasticity of weld metal and the stability of wetting the surface of the
filler rod and the weld pool with molten flux.

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