Standardization of technological processes in polygraphy


The purpose of the work is to consider the methods of practical implementation of the ISO
9000 series of standards to address printing quality problems.
The printing industry is characterized by the transition at the present stage to open
reproductive systems. The statement of this fact and its technological consequences are discussed in
a large number of specialized, scientific and popular publications. Common approaches to solving
the problems of the quality of printed products based on the management concept are set out in the
ISO 9000 series of standards. On the other hand, the standardization procedure lags far behind the
pace of scientific and technological progress. Standards are already morally obsolete. Their use in
production is severely limited.
Meeting the requirements of the ISO 9000: 2000 series does not guarantee a 100% guarantee
of the quality of printed products, but it ensures that the manufacturing process defects that affect
the quality of the products are guaranteed. An analysis of foreign experience shows that a comprehensive quality management system allows to solve a limited number of problems (about 30%) that
typographers face.

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