Development of electrodes for copper welding


The aim of the work is to create an electrode for welding copper with improved welding and
technological properties and improving the quality of welded metal, provided by changing the
system of deoxidation, alloying, slag and gas system for protecting the weld metal with electrode
coating components.
The solution of the stated task is achieved by the fact that in order to optimize the
deoxidation system and the gas-slag coating system, a cast iron powder is additionally introduced
into its composition containing chalk, feldspar, metallic manganese, crystalline silicon and
Metal electrodes for manual arc welding, manufactured by the crimping method, were used
for the studies. As electrode rods used copper welding wire M1 grades in accordance with GOST
859-2001. To determine the quality of the weld metal and the welding-technological properties of
the electrodes, the welding was done with a depth of 10 mm and a length of 100 mm with an
opening angle of 60 ° on a plate with a copper grade of 15 mm thickness.
Welding was performed with electrodes with a diameter of 4 mm at a constant current of
reverse polarity. The current strength was 160-180 A. Preliminary heating of the copper plate with a
gas burner was carried out to a temperature of 600-650 ° C.
High welding-technological properties of electrodes allow to produce electric arc welding of
copper parts and welding of defects in castings, to create welded-cast structures ensuring high
quality of seams.

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