Effective application of modern technologies of mechanical processin


Theoretically, the basic conditions for a significant increase in machining performance are
defined, consisting in reducing the conditional cutting voltage (processing power) to a value at
which the calculated maximum cutting temperature becomes less than the melting temperature of
the material being processed and there is a possibility of a significant increase in cutting speed
without increasing the cutting temperature. It is shown that the main conditions for reducing the energy intensity of blade processing is the use of tools from synthetic superhard materials and prefabricated carbide or ceramic tools with wear-resistant coatings, characterized by high sharpness of
cutting blades and low coefficient of friction with the material being processed, and when grinding -
reducing the intensity of friction of the circle bundle with the processed material. It was established
experimentally that the use of cutting tools with a wear-resistant coating of foreign production at the
drilling operation made it possible to increase the processing performance by a factor of 2 while ensuring the high quality of the surface being treated.

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