Improving the efficiency of diamond spark grinding


Theoretically and experimentally substantiated the new technological possibilities for the
effective application of diamond-spark grinding when processing materials of increased hardness,
which consist in the implementation of high-performance deep grinding schemes with a low part
speed and multi-pass grinding with an increased part speed close to the speed of a circle. It is
theoretically shown that the main condition for a significant increase in processing performance is
to maintain a high sharpness of the cutting grains on the working surface of the diamond wheel on
the metal binder. It has been established that for the effective implementation of diamond-spark
grinding, it is necessary to realize the condition of minimum relative diamond consumption,
determined by the optimal linear wear of the grains until the moment of their volume destruction or
falling out of the bond of the circle without destruction. It is shown that in order to reduce the
micron roughness heights on the treated surface to a value of Ra = 0.1 μm, it is necessary to
artificially create flat-top grains on the working surface of the diamond wheel using diamond spark
grinding and then grinding with a diamond pencil. Theoretical solutions are confirmed
experimentally and introduced into production.

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