Optimization of the structure and parameters of the grinding operation, taking into account the requirements for precision machining
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technological system
elastic displacements
grinding wheel
processing quality
processing performance


Analytical models have been developed to determine the processing performance and operation parameters of round external longitudinal diamond grinding, including technological transitions of rough grinding and nursing, taking into account the amount of elastic displacement that occurs in the technological system at each transition. On their basis, optimization of the structure and parameters of this grinding operation was carried out according to the criterion of the maximum possible productivity, taking into account limitations on processing accuracy, which made it possible to establish the optimal ratio of allowances removed at rough grinding and nursing transitions.
It has been theoretically proved that the grinding operation that is optimal in structure, ensuring the maximum possible productivity, taking into account the limitations on processing accuracy (due to elastic displacements that occur in the technological system during grinding), is an operation that includes only the technological transition of nursing. In this case, the entire allowance is removed at the transition nursing, and the transition rough grinding is absent. To implement such a grinding operation, it is necessary at the beginning of processing to create an interference fit in the technological system equal to or a multiple of the removed allowance. In order to ensure a high cutting ability of a diamond wheel on a metal bond, which removes the allowance for grinding operations, it is necessary to use periodic electroerosive dressing, which eliminates greasing of the wheel and timely removes blunt diamond grains from the working surface of the wheel. The most effective direction of application of the proposed technical solution is the technological operations of round external longitudinal diamond grinding with insufficiently rigid fastening of the workpiece on the machine.

pdf (Українська)