No 19 (2017): Engineering


О Grigorov, S Gubskyi, О Turchyn, G Vishnevetski
Theoretical and experimental study of process of a bridge crane movement
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О Grigorov, A Okun, Ye Los
A solution of a problem of optimal crane control using the controllability function method
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О Grigorov, A Okun, Ye Los
Bilinear control systems for a problem of optimal crane control
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I Isyemini
The protective system of overhead type cranes with magnetorheological buffers
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I Isyemini
Estimation of the crane moving resistance during it’s running into the end stops
V Loveikin, L Tkachuk
Methodology optimization of start-up mode of the bucket elevator for mean effort in the traction body
О Podolyak, N Bolybik
Mathematical modeling of joint movement of mechanisms for lifting, turning and changing the crane’s departure
N Fidrovska, A Lomakin, T Sadlovska
The determination of the forces in the elements of steel wire rope winding on the drum
N Fidrovskaya, О Pysartsov, V Vodolazhskyi
Influence of the deflection angle on the longevity of the rope and blocks
О Khoroshilov, A Melnichenko, L Segal
The manufacturing of the results of measuring of forms quality from continuous casting of blanks of details of carrying and lifting machinebuilding
Yu Sychev
Calculation of the oscillations of rotary tablets of the aggregated equipment under load by vertical forces
V Loveikin, Y Romasevych
Mode-parametric optimization of technical systems
T Osypova, О Khoroshylov, О Pysartsov
Dynamics of lifting installation with regard to the elasticity of the rope
Dynamic effects in the rope of the double-end lift
Definition strains in zone combination frontal surface and surface of a mine drums
The increase of evenness of distribution in the multi-bearing blade roots of steam turbines
Influence of the Metod of Alloying on the Allotment of the Simple Phase in Surfacing Layers
The draft regulations “Purpose of operating when machining allowances”
Analysis of the bases of low-steel steel strengthening and selection of welding materials for multi-welded welding under the flux of pipes from steel 17G1S-U
Ensuring the quality of assembly of fuel equipment junctions in the conditions of batch production by kitting-up with ranking of part dimensions
Ensuring the quality of electron beam welding assembly
Experimental studies of technologies for assembling and disassembling complex profile compounds
Resource-saving technology in induction – heat assembly fixed joints
Peculiarities of calculation of active resistance of load of inductors designed for disassembling of connections with tension
System of synthesis of the organizational and technological structure of the assembly site in single and small-sized production
Forecasting the stability of the billet due to the mechanism of deposition of the billet between flat rough surfaces
The impact of changes in the reproductive process on the color characteristics of the original image